Sabtu, Juli 23, 2011

Google Book Downloader

It is true that the internet is easier for us in learning. Sometime ago Mrs. Rubiyah, my school teacher at SMAN 20 Surabaya give a homework to find a variety of growing media. Then I saw the book's title that she always carried. In his book available complete information about the planting medium. After that I search on Google Books.
I found it !
And I managed to download.
Here's how to download in google books :
  1. Download Google Book Downloader from Softpedia in here 
  2. Then, install the Google Book Downloader on your PC.
  3. Start Google Book Downloader application.
  4. Open one of the books that you will download in google books and insert the code book
    (Code books can be found in your browser's address bar)
     Example :
  5. Code book is the code between the letters ?Id = and &pg =, so in this example the code book is NuTRXJxWp2cC
  6. File - Add Book
  7. Then paste book codes in the first box
  8. Search
  9. If Google Book Downloader have found a book that you want to download. Click Queue
  10. Right-click, and then start (to start the download)
The duration of the download book on google books depend on a large file to be downloaded, many users who download the ebook in the same time, and speed of Internet connection used.

Downloaded on this application can be saved as a pdf, but there is usually a blank page, because there are some pages that deliberately not addressed by the publisher. for example there are 100 page book, maybe 50 pages blank, 100 is fully charged, but when downloaded will be downloaded 150 pages, empty pages are also downloaded. A blank page when the preview on google books must be downloaded when the page is blank. So the contents of a book that looks at dipreview will be the same result by being downloaded.

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